Shrimp King Complete Review – Is It Worth The Money?

After trying Shrimp King Complete premium shrimp food with my Amano shrimp and Neocaridina cherry shrimp, I decided to publish this article to share my experiences.

When researching the Shrimp King range, I noticed a lack of reviews online, so I hope this article will be helpful to others.


  • Balanced Nutrition
  • Minimal Fillers
  • Sinks Quickly
  • No Water Fouling


  • High Price
  • Shrimp Ignore It Sometimes
  • Potential Overfeeding
  • Can Be Difficult To Find

What Is Shrimp King Complete?

Shrimp King Complete
Shrimp King Complete

Shrimp King Complete is the flagship product of the Shrimp King collection, but the range includes several other products as well.

As of now, the Shrimp King range includes:

  • Shrimp King Complete
  • Shrimp King Mineral
  • Shrimp King Color
  • Shrimp King Protein
  • Shrimp King Baby
  • Shrimp King Yummy Gum
  • Shrimp King Snow Pops

Most shrimp keepers will find that Shrimp King Complete or Shrimp King Mineral meets their needs, but there is also a 5-in-1 trial pack available to try out different formulas.

Do Shrimp Actually Eat Shrimp King Complete?

shrimp king reviewA Cherry Shrimp Grazing On Shrimp King Complete
A Cherry Shrimp Grazing On Shrimp King Complete

I have observed my Cherry shrimp and Amano shrimp consuming the Shrimp King Complete pellets numerous times.

However, their response to the pellets seems inconsistent, as their attitude towards the Shrimp King pellets varies day by day.

Some days, the shrimp eagerly approach the food within minutes of its addition to the tank and begin eating, while other days, they ignore it completely.

I believe this is because the shrimp prefer other foods I provide, such as bloodworms or Fluval Bug Bites, and only eat the Shrimp King pellets when no other food is available.

Community Tank Shrimp

My 29 Gallon Community Tank
My 29 Gallon Community Tank

The shrimp in my community tank are quite picky about eating Shrimp King complete, likely because they have access to the leftover food I add for my fish.

Additionally, I dose my community tank with fertilizer daily to boost plant growth, which in turn increases algae production.

This extra algae provides an alternative food source for my shrimp, making the Shrimp King pellets less appealing compared to my dedicated shrimp tank.

Shrimp Tank Shrimp

My Shrimp Tank
My Shrimp Tank

There are various food sources for my shrimp in the shrimp tank, yet these shrimp are more inclined to eat Shrimp King Complete pellets compared to those in my community tank.

Both tanks contain cherry shrimp and Amano shrimp, indicating that the difference in their appetite is likely due to environmental factors rather than any other reasons.

Cherry Shrimp

Cherry Shrimp Eating Shrimp King Complete
Cherry Shrimp Eating Shrimp King Complete

My cherry shrimp do eat Shrimp King Complete pellets, but their interest in them fluctuates unpredictably.

Some days, they eagerly gather around the pellets, while on other days, they completely ignore them.

I typically add Shrimp King Complete to my tanks two or three times per week, so it’s not a matter of them getting enough one day and not being hungry the next.

This behavior is consistent in both of my tanks, so it’s not due to the cherry shrimp in the community tank eating leftover fish food instead of the pellets.

Amano Shrimp

Amano Shrimp Eating Shrimp King Complete
Amano Shrimp Eating Shrimp King Complete

My Amano shrimp are very fond of Shrimp King Complete pellets and often push other shrimp away to get to them.

Some Amano shrimp even try to carry the pellets away to eat in solitude, with fully grown Amano shrimp being capable of lifting a Shrimp King pellet.

Although my Amano shrimp appear to enjoy Shrimp King pellets the most, there are certain alternative foods they prefer even more, which I will discuss later in the article.

Tank Mates

Corydoras Eating Shrimp King Complete
Corydoras Eating Shrimp King Complete

My corydoras occasionally enjoy nibbling on Shrimp King Complete pellets in their tank.

They typically pick at the pellet for a minute or two before swimming off to search for other food, only to return to the pellet 10-15 minutes later.

With several corydoras in my community tank, it’s entertaining to watch two or three of them take turns eating the Shrimp King pellet.

The Price Of Shrimp King Complete!

Shrimp King Complete
Shrimp King Complete

Shrimp King Complete certainly comes with a premium price compared to other shrimp food products, but its quality and nutritional profile can justify the cost.

However, shrimp in the wild thrive without access to a perfect, nutritionally complete diet, and they have done so for thousands of years.

Some people worry they are poor shrimp keepers if they can’t provide the very best food, but this is definitely not the case.

While Shrimp King Complete is an excellent choice to feed your shrimp a couple of times a week, there are several effective alternatives that I will discuss later in the article, some of which can even grow in your tank for free!

Shrimp King Complete Ingredients!

Shrimp King Complete Ingredients List
Shrimp King Complete Ingredients List

Shrink King Complete contains several high-quality ingredients that offer a nutritious yet varied diet for most species of shrimp.

Here is a list of the ingredients in Shrink King Complete:

Kelp, Insect Proteins, Dandelion, Stinging Nettle, Spinach, Mulberry Leaves, Chlorella, Montmorillonite, Moringaoleifera, Rosemary, Mannanoligosaccarides, SS-Glucans, Flower Pollen, Turmeric, Cinnamon

Official Dennerle Website

These ingredients change slightly depending on the specific Shrimp King formula you are purchasing but they all include the same high-quality core ingredients.

Each Shrink King Complete pellet has the following component breakdown.

Crude Protein24.6%
Crude Fat6%
Crude Fiber7.7%
Crude Ash15.4%
Shrimp King Complete Component Breakdown

As you can see, the standard Shrimp King Complete formula contains plenty of protein and fiber.

One potential downside of Shrimp King Complete is its distinct lack of calcium to help assist with molting and the promotion of healthy carapace growth.

This is a little confusing as it is marketed as a complete food and even has “complete” in its name but lacks what I would consider to be an essential part of the diet of most shrimp.

Still, you can purchase the Shrimp King Mineral formula that is around 7% calcium to help top up the calcium levels in your shrimp diet.

Ease Of Use!

Shrimp King Complete Pellet Size
Shrimp King Complete Pellet Size

Shrimp King Complete pellets are very user-friendly, and most beginners can simply drop a pellet into their aquarium and watch their shrimp feed on it.

I typically add a Shrimp King pellet to my aquariums two or three times a week, but I’ve heard of others using them every other day without any issues.

Although the official recommendation is to break the pellets into smaller 0.2-inch (5mm) sticks per 20 shrimp, I’ve had no problems adding full pellets to my tanks.

One potential issue with the 0.2-inch (5mm) stick per 20 shrimp guideline is that different shrimp consume varying amounts of the pellet.

For instance, my Amano shrimp eat significantly more of the pellet than my cherry shrimp, even though I have a larger number of cherry shrimp in the tank.

Therefore, I suggest testing and adjusting the serving size of your Shrimp King Complete to see what works best for your tank.

Regardless of the serving size, always remove any leftover Shrimp King Complete pellet after 24 hours.

Pre-Soaking Shrimp King Complete
Pre-Soaking Shrimp King Complete

I prefer to pre-soak my Shrimp King Complete pellets before adding them to my aquarium, as it helps the shrimp eat them faster.

In the tank, the pellets can take 1-2 hours to soften, preventing your shrimp from grazing on them right away.

To speed up the process, pour some boiling water into a container and drop the Shrimp King pellet into it.

Within minutes, the pellet will soften, and you can add it to your aquarium, allowing your shrimp to start feeding almost immediately.

A Shrimp King Complete Pellet After 24 Hours
A Shrimp King Complete Pellet After 24 Hours

I have found that fungus will start to grow on the smaller parts of the pellet after the 24-hour mark with the fungus growing at a rapid pace from there.

A cheap gravel vacuum is the perfect tool for quickly removing any of the leftover pellets from your tank to prevent them from fouling your water.

Impact On Water Quality

Water Parameters
Water Parameters

I haven’t observed any issues with water quality when using Shrimp King Complete, but I always remove any uneaten pellets from my aquarium after 24 hours.

This practice should prevent the pellets from fouling the water and causing problems with ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate levels in the tank.

If you do notice problems with your water parameters after using Shrimp King Complete, I recommend removing the pellets after 12 hours.

Alternatives To Shrimp King Complete!

Amano Shrimp Eating A Bug Bite
Amano Shrimp Eating A Bug Bite

There are various alternatives to Shrimp King pellets on the market, but Shrimp King appears to be the best option specifically designed for shrimp.

However, as shown in my video clip above, all of my Amano shrimp absolutely love eating Bug Bites, which I reviewed here.

If you look closely at the video, you can see a Shrimp King Complete pellet right next to the Amano shrimp, but it’s clear they prefer the Bug Bites.

I’ve even observed my Amano shrimp in the community tank swimming over to the feeding area to grab Bug Bites granules while my fish are eating.

Although Bug Bites may not offer the optimal nutritional profile for Amano shrimp, they definitely seem to prefer them over Shrimp King Complete.

A Cherry Shrimp Grazing On Java Moss
A Cherry Shrimp Grazing On Java Moss

My cherry shrimp seem to really enjoy grazing on algae and bio film and I have seen them leave their grazing spot, graze on the Shrimp King Complete pellet for a minute or two then go right back to their algae.

As I mentioned in my article on removing algae from Java Moss, cherry shrimp are under-rated algae eaters in my experience and the really do seem to enjoy eating certain types of algae.

Thankfully, algae will naturally grow in your aquarium providing a constant, free source of food for your shrimp that they really seem to enjoy.

An Amano Shrimp Eating A Bloodworm
An Amano Shrimp Eating A Bloodworm

My Amano Shrimp seem to really enjoy eating bloodworms too with most of my Amano shrimp choosing them over Shimp King Complete pellets when presented with both options.

If you already keep frozen bloodworms for your fish then consider trying them as a treat food for your shrimp.

Final Thoughts

Shrimp King Complete offers a premium, nutritionally balanced food option for shrimp enthusiasts.

While it boasts several advantages, such as balanced nutrition and no water fouling, there are inconsistencies in shrimp preferences, with some shrimp occasionally ignoring it.

While it has a higher price tag, there are alternative foods in the market that shrimp seem to prefer over this.

Thus, while it’s a good option, it might not be the best option for every shrimp keeper.

Shrimp King Review


Ease Of Use
Water Quality


Shrimp King Complete is a decent treat food for shrimp that boasts a robust nutritional profile but the high price tag may put some people off using it in favor of cheaper alternatives.