Pro Shrimp Review – Cheap Aquarium Plants Direct To Your Door!

If you are short on time, I am happy with the quality of the plants I received, ProShrimp are cheaper than the competition and I recommend them to others.

After my usual aquatic plant shop had supply issues with some of the core plants I wanted for my 40-gallon tank rescape, I decided to check out some other popular suppliers in the UK.

It quickly became apparent that echinodorus was in short supply in the UK and the only shop I could find with a range of different echinodorus variants was Pro Shrimp.

I couldn’t find any reviews of Pro Shrimp online making me a little nervous so I decided to publish this article and share my experiences.

This Pro Shrimp review is not sponsored in any way, they don’t know I am writing this, and I paid for all of the plants with my own money.

Pro Shrimp Plants Streight After Planting Them
Pro Shrimp Plants After Planting Them

Who Are Pro Shrimp

pro shrimp plant review
Pro Shrimp Plant Review

Pro Shrimp is a popular aquatic retailer from the UK based in Mansfield, England that specializes in shrimp and nano tank setups.

In addition to their specialist items for smaller tanks, they sell plenty of livestock, dry goods, hardscape, and plants for tanks of all sizes.

They were established back in August 2014 and have gone from strength to strength within the hobby and seem to have a huge customer base.

Pro Shrimps Product Range

Pro Shrimp Plants In Plastic
Pro Shrimp Plants In Plastic

Pro Shrimp has a larger product range than their competition and stocks some rarer plants and shrimp that other vendors don’t offer.

This initially got my guard up about trying Pro Shrimp as some of their plants and shrimp are difficult to find in the UK.

In addition to its huge plant range, Pro Shrimp also stocks a wide range of fish foods, aquariums, and other dry goods.

At the time of writing, I would consider the following companies the main competition of Pro Shrimp:

What I Ordered

pro shrimp plant box
Open Pro Shrimp Plant Box

These are the plants I ordered from Pro Shrimp:

  • 4 x Helanthium Tenellum
  • 2 x Java Fern
  • 2 x Anubias Coin Leaf
  • Anubias Barteri
  • Anubias Coffeefolia
  • Anubias Caladiifolia
  • Anubias Angustifolia
  • Anubias Nana
  • Anubias Petite
  • Bucephalandra Kedagang
  • Echinodorus Cordifolius ‘Fluitans’
  • Echinodorus Rosé
  • Echinodorus Reni
  • Echinodorus Aquartica

One thing that I noticed right away is how cheap their plants are compared to their competition.

Some echinodorus plants are difficult to find in the UK but Pro Shrimp has a huge selection.

They also had a huge range of anubias, java fern, and various other popular plants but their selection of bucephalandra was lacking.

Plant Health

Pro Shrimp Plants In Plastic
Pro Shrimp Plants In Plastic

Rating the health of aquarium plants is a little more difficult than many beginners often realize due to so many plants having a melt phase.

This is due to many popular aquarium plants such as anubias and crypts being grown out of the water to help improve growth rates and reduce the chances of aquatic pests getting onto them.

Rather than offer a general overview of the plants, I wanted to touch on each plant and show a photograph so you can see their quality and health.

This was the main thing that I was looking for when I was trying to do my research so hopefully, it will be helpful to my readers.

Helanthium Tenellum

Pro Shrimp Helanthium Tenellum
Pro Shrimp Helanthium Tenellum

Just to get the easy one out of the way first, the helanthium tenellum came in the Tropica 1-2 grow cups specifically designed to keep the plant healthy for as long as possible.

All four pots of helanthium tenellum were in excellent condition as expected but due to the nature of this particular product, it’s difficult to have problems.

There was no yellowing or obvious health issues with the helanthium tenellum and the plants had their normal solid texture.

Java Fern

Pro Shrimp Java Fern
Pro Shrimp Java Fern

Unlike most of the plants I ordered, I opted for the java ferns from Aquadip rather than Tropica as they were £1 cheaper.

I was worried about this as I usually stick to Tropica or Dennerle for my plants due to their consistent quality.

I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the Aquadip java fern. The plants looked and felt healthy and the rhizomes were solid on the plants with no obvious signs of rot.

The Aquadip java ferns are around 20% cheaper than the Tropica ones and I really can’t tell the difference between the two in terms of quality.

Anubias Barteri

Pro Shrimp Anubias Barteri
Pro Shrimp Anubias Barteri

The anubias barteri was healthy and came with the lush green color that the barteri line of anubias plants is known for.

The stalks on the plant are firm and the rhizome is solid with the plant having a healthy root system.

I have an article on different types of anubias that you may find helpful if you are a fan of this species.

Anubias Coffeefolia

Pro Shrimp Anubias Coffeefolia
Pro Shrimp Anubias Coffeefolia

The anubias coffeefolia is one of the healthiest anubias plants I have ever received when ordering online.

It has lush, green leaves, a healthy root system, and a solid rhizome giving me confidence that the plant is healthy.

Anubias Caladifolia

Unfortunately, there was a mix-up with my order and my anubias caladifolia was not sent out and they replaced it with an anubias nana.

I’m confident this is a genuine mistake as I still ended up with an anubias plant in this slot, it was just the wrong variant.

Anubias Coin Leaf

Anubias Coin Leaf
Anubias Coin Leaf

I ordered two anubias coin leaf plants from Pro Shrimp and they both came in a very similar condition to each other.

Both plants were healthy with lush growth and healthy rhizomes but one had some yellowing on two leaves.

This is common and nothing to worry about so I just clipped the yellowing leaves of trimming the stalk as close to the rhizome as possible and the plant will be fine.

Anubias Glabra

Pro Shrimp Angustifolia
Pro Shrimp Anubias Angustifolia

The anubias glabra came in great condition with lush growth and nice firm stems.

The rhizome is solid and gives me confidence that there’s no rot setting in.

I have previously had problems with this variant of anubias where the stems of the plant were weak and melting but this one is healthy.

Anubias Nana

Anubias Nana
Anubias Nana

Next up is anubias nana, even though I only ordered one of these, I ended up with two as they accidentally shipped this instead of the caladifolia I had ordered.

Both plants are healthy and free from any obvious issues but the smaller anubias variants do seem to struggle in my tap water for some reason.

Anubias Petite

Pro Shrimp Anubias Petite
Pro Shrimp Anubias Petite

Next up, we have the anubias petite and this plant did have a few soft leaves and stalks but for the most part, it was healthy.

The rhizome was solid but anubias petite can be prone to melt.

This is not the fault of ProShrimp, it’s just a weakness with this specific variety of anubias.

Bucephalandra Kedagang

pro shrimp Bucephalandra Kedagang
Pro Shrimp Bucephalandra Kedagang

Next up we have bucephalandra kedagang, my favorite small epiphyte plant by far and it has always grown well for me.

If you do have naturally soft tap water like me and are in the market for a small epiphyte plant I would highly recommend you consider giving this a try over anubias petite, it always does far better in my water and truly is a beautiful plant once it grows in.

The bucephalandra was healthy with its lush brown leaves with hints of red.

Echinodorus Cordifolius ‘Fluitans’

Pro Shrimp Echinodorus Cordifolius Fluitans
Pro Shrimp Echinodorus Cordifolius Fluitans

The echinodorus cordifolius fluitans did have a couple of melting leaves on it but for the most part, it was a healthy plant.

Echinodorus plants can be as bad as crypts when it comes to melting so this can be normal.

If your echinodorus plant does melt back, leave its roots in your tank and you should see healthy, fresh growth within weeks.

Echinodorus plants grow faster than anubias so you should see new growth far sooner letting you know the plant is alive.

Echinodorus Rosé

pro shrimp echinodorus rose
Pro Shrimp Echinodorus Rose

Over half the leaves on the echinodorus rose had melted together and the plant was in a poor state.

Melt can be normal for echinodorus plants and I am confident it will regrow over the coming months.

pro shrimp echinodorus leaves
Pro Shrimp Echinodorus Leaves

There’s a close-up of the melted leaves on the plant but the root system looked healthy.

Thankfully, after trimming the melted leaves, there were still a few healthy leaves on the plant so I am confident it will be fine.

Echinodorus Reni

Pro Shrimp Echinodorus Reni
Pro Shrimp Echinodorus Reni

The echinodorus reni had one tiny melted leaf that was probably damaged during shipping but other than that, the plant looked healthy.

This echinodorus is meant to have a red/brown tint to its leaves and it’s not a sign of any potential problems with the plant.

The roots were healthy and the stems coming from the rosette were firm and looked good.

Echinodorus Aquartica

pro shrimp echinodorus aquartica
Pro Shrimp Echinodorus Aquartica

The echinodorus aquartica was having some problems with its leaves but it shouldn’t be anything that causes long-term problems with the plant.

I trimmed the leaves that were starting to yellow or develop brown tips with the majority of the leaves being healthy although a slightly paler green than usual.

The root system on the plant was healthy so I am confident that it will regrow as its roots get established in the substrate in my aquarium over the coming weeks.

Pricing And Value

Java Fern Prices
Java Fern Prices

One of the main advantages of Pro Shrimp is their low prices and they are considerably lower than some of the competing online plant sellers in the UK.

Their low prices were also one of the main reasons I was skeptical about using them as I presumed that the quality of their plants may not be as good as some other sellers.

That wasn’t the case and the quality of the plants is comparable to what I have received from other sellers.

My table shows the price for a single java fern plant from the various sellers at the time of writing.

Pro Shrimp£3.99
Aquarium Gardens£4.49
Riverwood Aquatics£5.99
Horizon Aquatics£6.99
Lincolnshire Pond Plants£7.99
Aqua Essentials£8.99
Price Of A Single Java Fern

As you can see, Pro Shrimp is the cheapest option and Aqua Essentials sells the same plant for 125% more!

Not only did I stick to the same plant but the same brand with both java ferns being from Aquadip rather than Tropica.

The lower prices of Pro Shrimp can be a great way to bring your tank build-in on a budget or help you get more plants for your money.

Shipping And Packaging

pro shrimp plant box
Pro Shrimp Plant Box

My order shipping process was straightforward with various delivery options available depending on my needs.

Pro Shrimp has a dedicated page on their site going over the various options and they do offer free delivery if you order over £50 worth of goods at once.

The standard free delivery option can take 5-6 working days with competitors such as Horizon Aquatics offering free next-day shipping if you spend over £50.

I didn’t want my plants in the shipping system for almost a week so I paid the extra £4.99 for next-day delivery and I would guess most people would do the same so factor in the additional shipping fee.

At the time of writing, their 24-hour service provider is Yodel and I have had some bad experiences with them in the past but this order was fine and my plants were delivered the next day.

Website User Experience

The Pro Shrimp website is a little dated but it does the job.

Their eBay page is popular and has a lot of positive feedback with the added protections of eBay when placing your order.

The official website has one advantage over the competition as it’s easy to filter by products that are in stock.

I have lost count of the number of times I have found a product on other seller’s sites only to click the product page and see it’s out of stock even though there is no visual indication in the search results that the product is out of stock.

Returns And Refunds

pro shrimp plants in bags
Pro Shrimp Plants in Bags

You can find the returns and refund policy of ProShrimp here.

Thankfully, I didn’t have any problems with my order that would warrant a return so I never had to try and use their returns policy.

eBay offers solid returns protection so you can order via eBay to avoid potential issues.

Overall Satisfaction

I am happy with the plants I received from ProShrimp and plan to use them again soon.

The low prices are a big draw for me as healthy plants at lower prices are always good.

Despite some minor issues with packaging and a plant mixup, most plants arrived in good condition.

For those in the UK looking for a wide variety of aquarium plants, especially harder-to-find varieties of echinodorus, Pro Shrimp is worth considering as a reliable and affordable supplier.