How To Easily Trim Your Amazon Frogbit Roots Correctly!

Amazon Frogbit roots grow rapidly and often need trimming once a week.

To trim the roots, place the Amazon Frogbit over the palm of your hand and use sterile scissors to cut the roots down to the width of your palm.

This method allows you to quickly remove the excess roots while leaving enough for the plant to continue thriving.

How To Easily Trim Your Amazon Frogbit Roots!

A Cherry Shrimp On Amazon Frogbit Roots
A Cherry Shrimp Grazing On Amazon Frogbit Roots

Always check your Amazon Frogbit for any fish, shrimp, or snails before removing it for trimming.

Both my Amano shrimp and cherry shrimp love to graze on the algae and biofilm that grow on the Frogbit roots, so I give my Frogbit a little shake before removing it.

I wipe my scissors with a sterile wipe before trimming my Frogbit roots to minimize any possible risk to the plant and prevent contaminants from entering the tank.

I usually only remove the Frogbit with the longer roots when trimming, as this keeps the process quick and easy while leaving some longer-rooted plants in the tank to help with ammonia and nitrite levels.

Removing Amazon Frogbit From The Tank

In my 29-gallon tank, I keep the Amazon Frogbit in a floating plant corral to confine it to one area, providing a relaxing spot for my gourami underneath. This setup also makes it easier to remove plants that need their roots trimmed.

It’s often simpler to spot longer roots through the tank’s glass and trace them up to their leaves, allowing for quick removal of the plants with long roots.

I have tried randomly picking plants and checking their root lengths, but this method always takes much longer.

Amazon Frogbit Roots Ready To Trim
Amazon Frogbit Roots Ready To Trim

Once I have removed all the Frogbit that needs trimming, I take a minute or two to check the plants for any potential problems.

This includes looking for signs of fungal issues, burns, or damage to the leaves that might indicate a problem in the tank.

Fortunately, I haven’t had any issues with my Frogbit since adding it to my tank, and it just keeps growing.

People often ask how much Frogbit root to leave on the plant when trimming, and recommendations vary from one inch to three inches.

I typically leave around three inches of root on my Frogbit after a trim, but different tank setups may require leaving a little less or a little more.

I have never trimmed the roots of my Frogbit to less than one inch, but I have trimmed them to approximately an inch, and the plant continued to thrive and grow without issue.

How Much Amazon Frogbit Root To Trim
How Much Amazon Frogbit Root To Trim

The average human hand is between 2.5 and 3.5 inches wide, so I usually lay my Frogbit over my non-dominant hand to estimate the root length.

I then use trimming scissors with my dominant hand to make a single, clean cut just below the bottom of my hand, ensuring that about three inches of root remain on the plant.

This quick, easy, and simple process helps prevent accidentally removing too much root when trimming Amazon Frogbit.

Trimming Amazon Frogbit Roots

In the video clip above, I demonstrated the process with a single Frogbit plant, but I usually place multiple plants over my hand and trim their roots all at once to save time.

Remember to be cautious, as you are using scissors close to your hand. However, I have never had an accident trimming my plant roots this way.

Trimmed Frogbit Roots
Trimmed Frogbit Roots

After trimming the Frogbit roots, I place them back into the aquarium, returning them to their floating ring and letting them settle.

I usually check the plants the day after trimming to ensure they look healthy and have no issues, but so far, I haven’t encountered any problems.

One factor that may be promoting healthy growth in my Amazon Frogbit is Tropica Premium Nutrition. I dose it five days per week, and it seems to have significantly contributed to the rapid growth of my Frogbit.

Amazon Frogbit With Trimmed Roots
Amazon Frogbit With Trimmed Roots