How I Easily Removed Algae From My Java Moss!

I recently experienced an outbreak of brown diatom algae, green spot algae, and green dust algae in one of my aquariums, which quickly covered my java moss.

My Amano shrimp and Cherry shrimp quickly consumed all the algae on my java moss and cleared the algae in other areas of my tank.

How Do You Get Rid Of Algae On Java Moss?

Algae Growing On Java Moss And Driftwood
Algae Growing On Java Moss And Driftwood

After trying several methods to manage the algae in my tank, I decided to add two Amano shrimp and twelve cherry shrimp. Within a week, the algae was completely gone.

The two Amano shrimp were added to the tank about three days before the cherry shrimp, and they managed to eat a significant amount of the green algae and some of the brown algae.

In my experience, the cherry shrimp were more effective at dealing with the brown algae than the Amano shrimp, but it’s important to note that I added twelve cherry shrimp compared to only two Amano shrimp.

This was a small shrimp tank, so adding the shrimp was always part of the plan. Larger tanks might achieve similar results with other algae eaters such as otocinclus, nerite snails, or plecos.

I keep Amano shrimp and cherry shrimp (or other types of neocaridina) in my larger tanks and have frequently observed them grazing on algae, particularly the Amano shrimp.

Amano Shrimp

Amano Shrimp Eating Algae On Java Moss
Amano Shrimp Eating Algae On Java Moss

The Amano shrimp took a few hours to settle into their new tank but quickly began grazing on the green algae growing on the java moss.

Although I always intended to add Amano shrimp to this tank, I didn’t provide any additional shrimp food, aiming to encourage them to focus on the algae.

I believe this helped them concentrate on consuming as much algae as possible, but this approach may pose challenges in larger community tanks.

For example, one of the Amano shrimp in my 29-gallon community tank often walks up to my Corydoras and takes their pellets while they are feeding, rather than eating algae.

Nevertheless, even with fish food available in my larger tanks, I have frequently observed the Amano shrimp grazing on algae on various surfaces.

Cherry Shrimp

Cherry Shrimp Eating Algae On Java Moss
Cherry Shrimp Eating Algae On Java Moss

The cherry shrimp immediately started eating the algae growing on the java moss in their tank and seemed to handle the brown algae more effectively than the Amano shrimp.

This might be because the cherry shrimp were shipped to me and were hungrier than the locally purchased Amano shrimp. The larger number of cherry shrimp in the tank likely also contributed to their success in removing the algae.

For instance, over a three-day period, I consistently observed at least one cherry shrimp grazing on the java moss while the others were busy in different areas of the tank. In contrast, the Amano shrimp were often found exploring other parts of the tank but still managed to consume large amounts of the green algae on the java moss.

It’s worth noting that I intentionally purchased high-grade cherry shrimp for this shrimp display tank. If you are specifically buying cherry shrimp to remove algae from your java moss, opting for low-grade shrimp would be more cost-effective.