Welcome! I’m Shaun, the creator of Glass Box Diaries and I have been keeping fish for as long as I can remember with some of my earliest memories being based around helping my grandparents maintain their garden ponds.

These ponds contained fish, amphibians, aquatic snails, and aquatic plants but around the age of seven, my grandparents decided to give me my very own garden pond.

Sat By One Of My Grandparents Ponds
Sat By One Of My Grandparents Ponds

It was only a small pond in the back corner of their garden but it was full of sticklebacks, frogs, and even had a newt at one point!

Caring for my very own pond quickly got me hooked on aquatic environments and it wasn’t long before I was setting up my own experiments by placing leaf litter and mud into various jars to see what would happen.

I found myself fascinated by the various aquatic bugs that would start to thrive in these jars and realized that the various ponds in my grandparent’s gardens must have tiny little ecosystems in them.

Over the next decade or so I kept fish in a range of different-sized ponds as well as a small number of aquariums but after joining the Royal Air Force, I had to take a break from the hobby for almost a decade due to living in the barracks on base and there being strict restrictions on pets.

Fast Forward To Today

After searching for something to sink my spare time into, I randomly found a YouTube video of someone keeping cherry shrimp in an aquarium and this helped to spike my interest in aquariums bringing back various memories of my ponds and tanks as a child.

It wasn’t long before the YouTube algorithm was showing me a wide range of fish, shrimp, and aquatic plant-keeping videos that kept me interested as I have always enjoyed the idea of setting up a dedicated, self-sustaining ecosystem in my tanks.

A few weeks later, I was randomly browsing Instagram and I found a video of someone aquascaping a betta tank and that was the final push I needed to get back into the hobby.

My 105 Litre Aquarium
My 105 Litre Aquarium
With My 105 Litre Tank
With My 105 Litre Tank

I decided to pick up a 105-litre (28 US Gallon) aquarium and restart my fish-keeping journey but unfortunately, as many people do, I made some mistakes and the ammonia levels spiraled out of control putting my fish at risk.

That’s when I decided to start Glass Box Diaries as a way to share my own mistakes in the hope of helping other people avoid making them with their own aquariums.

I also like the idea of sharing monthly progress reports of my tanks over an extended period of time as many of the content creators in this space share one or two videos about their tanks and then never report on them again. Being able to follow the progress of a tank from the initial setup over the first 8-12 months may be able to help a number of people, especially beginners.

In an attempt to reach as many people as possible, I have decided to share my journey in text, video, and photo formats so I will be as active as possible on the following social media platforms in addition to the blog.

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