4 Popular Chili Rasbora Foods Tried And Tested!

Crushed Bug Bites Tropical Formula Pellets are the preferred food for my chili rasboras, with a pepper grinder being an efficient tool to break them down to the ideal size for feeding.

There are some other fish food products on the market my chili rasboras were happy to eat so I decided to publish this article going over the various foods I have tried with my chili rasboras.

Bug Bites Tropical Formula Pellets

Chili Rasboras Eating Bug Bites

Bug Bites Tropical Formula granules are the best food choice for chili rasboras, but you need to crush them before feeding to ensure they are small enough for the fish to consume.

I use a cheap pepper grinder to crush the Bug Bites into small enough pieces for my chili rasboras. This method is far easier and saves a lot of time, making the Bug Bites the perfect size for the fish.

If you plan on feeding your chili rasboras Bug Bites, I highly recommend getting a cheap pepper grinder to crush them into tiny micro pellets.


  • Chili Rasboras seem to really enjoy them.
  • They are widely available and can usually be purchased from all major pet stores.


  • You have to crush them up prior to feeding.
  • They do have a higher than average price tag that may push them out of budget.

NT Labs Micro Crumb

NT Labs Micro Crumb
NT Labs Micro Crumb

NT Labs Micro Crumb is another fish food that my chili rasboras thoroughly enjoyed. The small size of the food makes it convenient to use directly from the container.

The container lid has a set of holes, allowing you to pop the cover and shake the container to quickly release the food into your tank.

My chili rasboras enjoy eating NT Labs Micro Crumb and in my experience, it is a close second to Bug Bites.


  • Can be used right out of the tub.
  • Shaker lid makes it easy to add a small amount of food to your tank without overfeeding.


  • Difficult to purchase in some areas.
  • Higher than average price tag may put it out of budget for some people.

Freeze-Dried Cyclops

Frozen Cyclopse
Frozen Cyclopse

My chili rasboras love eating cyclops, and they get excited swimming around the tank “hunting” these little critters.

I have only tried the frozen variant of cyclops for my chili rasboras, but I’ve read reports from others who have had similar success with live cyclops.

Since freeze-dried cyclops typically float at the surface of the tank, they might not be suitable for feeding chili rasboras, especially if they don’t readily consume surface food.

To prepare frozen cyclops, I add a small amount of warm water to a plastic cup, then place the cube of frozen cyclops into the water and leave it to defrost for a couple of minutes.

Once defrosted, I use a small pipette to suck up some of the food and squirt it into the chili rasbora tank, where the fish eagerly devour it.


  • Chili Rasboras love them.
  • Easy To Use.
  • Cheap.


  • Some people don’t like to keep insect foods in their home even if they are frozen.

Bug Bites Flakes

Bug Bites Tropical Flakes
Bug Bites Tropical Flakes

Although they have been hit or miss for me, my chili rasboras will eat Bug Bites Tropical Flakes as they sink if they are hungry enough.

Like the pellet Bug Bites, I found that crushing the flakes into smaller portions increased the chances of my chili rasboras eating them.

Fortunately, it is easy to crush the flakes between your fingers and thumb, so there is no need for tools like when crushing the pellets.