53 Funny Betta Fish Names For Your New Betta!

Betta fish are one of the most commonly kept freshwater fish within the hobby and people often struggle to come up with names to fit their bettas personality and colors.

This often causes people to seek a funny name for their betta fish so I wanted to publish this list of funny betta fish names to offer some inspiration to my readers.

As usual, you don’t have to stick to these names exactly, you can use them for inspiration for your funny names but some of my betta fish are named after the suggestions below.

Funny Betta Fish Names Based On Celebrity Names!

funny betta fish names
funny betta fish names

Firstly, we have some funny betta fish names based on celebrity names and these are always a big hit with the betta-keeping community.

  1. Swim Shady – Perfect for a betta with a bit of attitude.
  2. Fin Diesel – For a betta with a strong and fast swimming style.
  3. Fincent Van Gogh – For an artistic or particularly colorful betta.
  4. Koi George – A playful take on the singer Boy George, suited for a betta with flamboyant colors.
  5. Guppy Goldberg – A humorous name inspired by actress Whoopi Goldberg.
  6. Swimmy Fallon – A fun name inspired by the talk show host Jimmy Fallon.
  7. Betta Midler – A pun on the actress and singer Bette Midler’s name.
  8. Betta White – A playful twist on the beloved actress Betty White’s name, perfect for a white or light-colored betta.
  9. Gill Gates – A witty nod to the tech mogul Bill Gates, for a smart-looking betta.
  10. Finatra – After the legendary singer Frank Sinatra, for a betta with smooth moves.
  11. Finny Kravitz – For a rockstar fish, inspired by Lenny Kravitz.
  12. Swimmy Hendrix – For a betta with a flair for the dramatic, named after the legendary guitarist Jimi Hendrix.
  13. Swimuel L. Jackson – A humorous twist on the actor Samuel L. Jackson’s name, for a betta with attitude.
  14. Gill Clinton – A witty play on the former president Bill Clinton’s name, for a charismatic betta.
  15. Swimuel Beckett – A literary nod to the playwright Samuel Beckett, for a contemplative fish.
  16. Finnston Churchill – A dignified name for a betta with a commanding presence.
  17. Swimothy Dalton – For a betta with a distinguished aura, named after the actor Timothy Dalton.
  18. Whale-iam Shakespeare – For a dramatically theatrical betta, despite the size difference with actual whales.
  19. Gillbert Gottfried – A humorous and quirky name, after the comedian with a distinctive voice.
  20. Swimmy Buffet – For a laid-back betta, inspired by Jimmy Buffet.
  21. Betta Ray Cyrus – A country twist, inspired by Billy Ray Cyrus, for a betta with some southern charm.
  22. Swimmy Hoffa – For a betta with a mysterious or elusive personality.

Funny Betta Fish Names Based On Fictional Characters!

Funny betta fish names
Funny betta fish names

Secondly, we have some funny betta fish names based on fictional characters and I have a couple of bettas with names from this list myself.

  1. Bubble-O-Seven – For the James Bond of the aquarium world.
  2. Bubble Gump – A twist on the famous movie character, Forrest Gump.
  3. Darth Baiter – For fans of Star Wars with a sense of humor.
  4. Swimba – Inspired by Simba from “The Lion King,” for a regal and adventurous betta.
  5. Splash Gordon – A humorous take on the sci-fi character Flash Gordon, for an adventurous and energetic betta.
  6. Swimmy Neutron – For a small but mighty betta, inspired by “Jimmy Neutron.”
  7. Bubble Fett – A “Star Wars” inspired name, perfect for a betta with a warrior spirit.
  8. Finnick Odair – For fans of “The Hunger Games,” especially if your betta is particularly charming.
  9. Betta Boop – Inspired by Betty Boop, for a betta with a lot of character and flair.
  10. Finndiana Jones – After Indiana Jones, for an adventurous and daring betta.
  11. Gillbo Baggins – For a betta that enjoys the quieter life, inspired by Bilbo Baggins from “The Hobbit.”
  12. Krillen – A reference to the “Dragon Ball Z” character, suitable for small but mighty fish.
  13. Bubble Fett – A “Star Wars” inspired name, twisting Boba Fett into a more aquatic theme.
  14. Blubba the Hutt – A “Star Wars” inspired name with a watery twist.
  15. Gilliver’s Travels – For a betta who loves to explore every corner of the tank.
  16. Fintastic Four – A superhero-inspired name, great for a betta in a tank with three other fish.

Funny Betta Fish Names Based On Fish Puns!

Funny betta names
Funny betta names

Finally, we have some funny betta fish names based on puns as some people love a good pun when naming their fish.

  1. Finley – A playful take on their most prominent feature.
  2. Sir Finnick – Adding a touch of nobility to your fish’s name.
  3. Floaty McFloatface – A humorous nod to the viral “Boaty McBoatface” internet meme.
  4. Gillbert – A pun on the gills, an essential part of a fish.
  5. Fishgerald – Inspired by the famous author, for the more literary types.
  6. Finnegan – A charming name that emphasizes the “fin.”
  7. Sir Scales-a-Lot – For a betta with particularly shiny or noticeable scales.
  8. Sir Bubbles-a-Lot – For a noble betta who loves to play in the water currents.
  9. Sir Swims-a-Lot – For a particularly active betta who’s always on the move.
  10. Fintastic – For a truly fantastic betta that never fails to amaze.
  11. Splashley – A playful name for a betta who loves making a splash around the tank.
  12. Finsworth – A dignified name that adds a touch of class to your betta.
  13. Swimseidon – After Poseidon, the god of the sea, for a betta with a godly presence.
  14. Mister Fins – A dignified title for a distinguished betta.
  15. Finn-credible – For a betta whose colors or personality are simply incredible.