22 Pokemon Fish Tank Ideas To Spark Your Imagination!

Creating a Pokémon-themed aquarium is a fun and creative way to showcase your favorite characters in a beautiful aquatic environment.

However, it’s important to choose the right decorations to ensure the safety and health of your aquatic life. Many Pokémon figures are not aquarium-safe and may release harmful chemicals into the water.

To avoid this, consider using 3D-printed decorations made from aquarium-safe materials such as PLA, PETG, or ABS. These materials are generally safe for freshwater tanks, with PETG being the best option for durability and safety.

Let’s dive into some amazing Pokémon fish tank ideas to inspire your next aquascaping project!

Pokemon Fish Tank Ideas

A Pokemon Themed Fish Tank By Sarah Fong

The Pokemon-themed aquarium above belongs to Sarah Fong, a popular Twitch streamer and cosplayer. You can find her on social media via the links below.

One of the best aspects of this tank setup is that it is very beginner-friendly. Most people new to fishkeeping should easily be able to recreate this setup for their own Pokemon-themed tank.

The tank is 10-20 US gallons (38-76 liters). You can see a sponge filter in the back left corner and a heater in the back right.

For live plants, I would suggest slightly changing the stem plant in the back right corner and replanting the trimmings into the substrate to cover a larger area. Hygrophila Polysperma, Limnophila Sessiliflora, or Rotala Rotundifolia would be excellent options. Given that the tank uses a sponge filter, incorporating fast-growing stem plants would help naturally purify the water and support the filter.

The tank also features Java Fern, which offers natural cover and hiding spots for the fish, helping to keep them calm and relaxed. Over time, the Java Fern will grow to cover a larger area. Additionally, there’s a small Anubias variant and some Marimo Moss balls, which add to the decoration but won’t significantly impact water parameters due to their slow growth.

You can customize the tank with your favorite Pokemon figures. I like the current setup of the tank. While I’m not sure if Sarah is stocking Rummynose Tetras or Rummynose Rasboras, I believe the tank might be a bit small for fully grown Rummynose Tetras. However, they appear happy in the video clip, and you can stock your tank with your preferred fish.

Overall, this is a solid, beginner-friendly tank that someone new to the hobby should be able to recreate easily.

A Pokeball Bowl

pokemon fish tank idea
A Pokeball Fish Tank Idea

This next setup is a Pokemon-themed fishbowl that follows the classic Pokeball design. There are several ways you could build this out.

If you choose a smaller bowl that is 3-5 US gallons (11-19 liters), I recommend turning it into a shrimp breeding tank rather than a fish tank. Anything over 5 gallons should be suitable for some species of fish.

Given the small size of the bowl, it might be best to stick with fake plants, as this eliminates the need for constant plant trimming. Still, some small epiphyte plants like Anubias Nana Petite or Bucephalandra can be used in small tanks with minimal issues.

A Pikachu Jar

pokemon fish tank idea
A Pikachu Fish Tank Idea

This is such a cute little Pokemon fish tank idea, perfect for a small shrimp jar.

You can find similar Pikachu aquarium decorations online, with many options available.

If you choose to use fake plants, this can be a great little stand-alone project, but adding live plants can elevate these tiny jars to the next level.

Rotala Rotundifolia would be ideal as the background stem plant, and Java Moss could work well as the moss on the substrate.

For added color variation, you can include other Rotala variants, with Rotala Orange Juice being one of the more affordable and accessible options.

A Charmander Fish Tank

pokemon fish tank idea
A Charmander Fish Tank Idea

This next Pokemon fish tank is a great option for anyone looking to keep a 10-gallon (38 liter) tank.

You can stick with fake plants, but I love live plants, and replicating something similar to the photograph won’t be too difficult.

Limnophila Sessiliflora is an excellent option because it grows quickly, can purify your tank water, and may eliminate the need for a filter in large quantities. Its vibrant green look would contrast well with a Charmander figure.

Other options for live plants include Hygrophila Polysperma, Rotala Rotundifolia, and Bacopa Caroliniana.

You could use Cryptocoryne Lutea Hobbit for the smaller plants in the midground of the tank to complete the look.

A Pikachu Nano Tank

pokemon fish tank idea
A Pikachu Fish Tank Idea

Using this Pokemon-themed setup in a 5-10 gallon (19-38 liter) cube tank could be a fantastic home for a betta fish.

Like most of the ideas featured in this article, you can use fake plants if you prefer, but I highly recommend live plants if possible.

If you opt for live plants, you’ll need a suitable substrate, so I recommend aqua soil. It’s beginner-friendly and perfect for these plants.

For plants, I suggest different variants of Rotala Rotundifolia for the background and Java Moss for the foreground.

A Small Snorlax Fish Tank

pokemon fish tank idea
A Snorlax Fish Tank Idea

I love this Snorlax aquarium. It could work well as a shrimp jar in smaller setups or a fish tank for anything over 5 gallons.

This setup looks good with fake plants, but I would switch things up and use live plants, especially if you don’t plan to use a heater in the tank.

Monte Carlo could work as the carpeting plant, but some moss would probably be easier.

Cryptocoryne Parva and Cryptocoryne Lutea Hobbit are small enough to work as the plants at the top of the hill, and you could use a mixture of both to get different leaf textures and colors.

Bucephalandra or Anubias Petite could also be good choices; remember not to bury the rhizome.

Most types of rock or driftwood would work well in this tank, but be mindful of the small size when choosing your hardscape.

A Squirtle Fish Rank

pokemon fish tank idea
A Squirtle Fish Tank Idea

This Squirtle tank can work well with both fake and live plants, and either setup is easy to create.

Fortunately, cheap hardscape materials such as bogwood and Seriyu stone can work well in this tank. If you choose live plants, use a quality substrate to provide adequate nutrition.

Depending on your tank size, Echinodorus Aquartica or a green Cryptocoryne could work well for the plants in the back left.

For the stem plant on the right-hand side in front of the hardscape, consider Hygrophila Polysperma, but other easy stem plants would likely work well too.

Anubias Nana Petite or Bucephalandra could be good choices for the midground plants on the hardscape, while Cryptocoryne Lutea Hobbit would be great for plants growing out of the substrate.

Monte Carlo may be too difficult to grow in this type of tank, I would lean more towards some moss for the carpeting plants in the front right.

A Pikachu Fish Tank

pokemon fish tank idea
A Pikachu Fish Tank Idea

This Pikachu aquarium setup is another surprisingly easy project that even beginners in the fish-keeping hobby should be able to complete.

If you want to use live plants, consider a Walstad-style system, where you use a suitable soil capped with gravel.

For the driftwood at the rear of the tank, you could use Honshu Wood or Myoken Wood to achieve a similar look to the photograph, but most types of driftwood should be fine.

Hygrophila Polysperma and Bacopa Caroliniana are great options for the stem plants, but I would suggest adding more stems than shown in the photograph.

Anubias Nana Petite would be an excellent choice for the small green plants attached to the driftwood at the back of the tank.

An Eevee Nano Tank

pokemon fish tank idea
An Eevee Fish Tank Idea

This tiny Eevee jarrarium is adorable, but it’s too small for fish and should only be used for shrimp.

Due to its cute appearance, you might prefer to keep it as a decoration without any living animals. However, this could lead to algae problems, whereas shrimp will eat the algae and help keep the jar clear.

If you choose to keep shrimp in the jar, you should add live plants. There are many great options available.

Rotala Rotundifolia is perfect for the background but will need regular trimming.

Bacopa Caroliniana or Bacopa Compact (depending on your jar’s height) are popular choices for planted jars. They grow slowly and require less frequent trimming.

Carpeting this jar can be challenging due to the small area and lack of CO2, but some type of hair grass like Eleocharis Pusilla might work.

An Eevee Aquarium

pokemon fish tank idea
An Eevee Fish Tank Idea

This Eevee fish tank could be a great idea for a 5-10 US gallon (19-38 liter) aquarium and might even work in slightly larger tanks.

Using the Walstad method with 1 inch of topsoil as your substrate and capping it with 1 inch of fine gravel should work perfectly.

For the background plant, I would use Hygrophila Polysperma to cover the rear of the tank as shown in the photograph. This will help maintain safe and stable water parameters for your fish while also providing plenty of hiding spots.

A small to medium-sized piece of bogwood would work well for the midground of the tank, with Staurogyne Repens planted around it.

A Bulbasaur Nano Tank

pokemon fish tank idea
A Bulbasaur Fish Tank Idea

I love the look of this little Bulbasaur fish tank, which sticks to the grass-type Pokemon theme.

This tank setup looks great with fake plants, but if you choose to use fake plants, it should serve as a display decoration rather than a habitat for live animals.

If you opt for live plants, this setup can be a great little shrimp tank, or you could use a larger aquarium to keep fish.

Carpeting the tank will be the most challenging part. You could try Monte Carlo, though it will still be difficult. Some types of moss might work if you anchor them to coarse aquarium foam and lay them across the front of your tank.

Anubias Nana Petite attached to ceramic rings could be a good option for the smaller plants in the foreground.

For the background stem plants, I would use Rotala Rotundifolia, trimming it once or twice a month to maintain its shape.

Java Moss would be a great option for the moss growing on the rocks, but it will need to be trimmed monthly to prevent it from taking over.

A Gengar Aquarium

pokemon fish tank idea
A Gengar Fish Tank Idea

Gengar is one of the most popular Pokemon in the franchise, and its purple color contrasts well with green plants, making it a great theme for a Pokemon aquarium.

The tank in the photograph is larger than most featured tanks, allowing for more options. You could stick with the fake plant look and use a decent filter to keep the water safe for fish.

The larger size also opens up possibilities for high-powered lighting and CO2 injection, making this a great option for a high-tech tank. However, low-tech setups will also work well.

If you choose live plants, Monte Carlo is an obvious option for the carpet and should work well for most people.

Hygrophila Polysperma would be suitable as the green stem plant behind the Gengar figure and in the back right corner. Other stem plants could work as well.

For a red plant in the back left, Ludwigia Mini Super Red is a good choice if kept trimmed, while Cryptocoryne Wendtii Flamingo could work with decent lighting.

A green variant of Cryptocoryne Wendtii would be suitable for the green plant in the front left corner, though other types of Cryptocoryne could.

For the small plants in front of the Gengar figure, you could use Cryptocoryne Parva, but Cryptocoryne Lutea Hobbit might be a better option if you want to carpet the tank.

You could use cheap river pebbles for the rocks. If you want some driftwood that looks like a tree, consider using bare Bonsai tree driftwood, though it can be expensive in some areas.

A Venusaur Bowl

pokemon fish tank idea
A Venusaur Fish Tank Idea

This charming little Venusaur bowl can be kept as a decorative piece without livestock or used as a shrimp bowl, provided you add some live plants.

A green variant of Cryptocoryne Wendtii could work well for the green plant in the back of the tank, alongside Cryptocoryne Wendtii Flamingo for a contrasting look.

As with many smaller tanks, Monte Carlo could potentially work as a carpeting plant, but it may be challenging to maintain.

A moss carpet would probably be the best option, though it might not look as neat as the one in the photograph.

A Charizard Aquarium

pokemon fish tank idea
A Charizard Fish Tank Idea

Charizard is a beloved Pokémon with many fans, and this aquarium depicting Charizard roaming over an aquatic field looks fantastic.

Given the larger size of this aquarium, you could easily opt for fake plants and use a good filter to keep your tank water clean and your fish healthy.

However, live plants are always a better option for improving water quality. The larger tank size makes it easier to use CO2 and high-powered lights, which will yield great results for your plants.

Monte Carlo is likely the best choice for the plant carpet. It will take longer to fill out in a tank without CO2, but with a high-powered light, it should eventually grow in nicely.

For the greenery in the background, you could use either leafy rosette plants or stem plants.

Hygrophila Polysperma would be my preferred stem plant, as it can achieve a look similar to the plants in the photograph.

A green variant of Cryptocoryne Wendtii could also work well as a rosette plant, but for a lush background, Hygrophila Polysperma is ideal since it can be densely planted along the back with minimal issues.

A Blastoise Fish Tank

pokemon fish tank idea
A Blastoise Fish Tank Idea

Blastoise is another immensely popular Pokémon with a huge fan base, making a Blastoise-themed aquarium a sought-after setup.

The Blastoise tank above looks fantastic, and it can be easily converted into a live planted tank suitable for pet shrimp.

For the plants, I would place Limnophila Sessiliflora in the back left corner behind the Blastoise figure and Hygrophila Polysperma in the back right corner.

Bacopa Compact or heavily trimmed Rotala Rotundifolia could work well for the shorter stem plants on either side of the Blastoise figure.

For the smaller plants in the foreground, Cryptocoryne Parva is probably the best option, but other small crypts could work well too.

A Charmeleon Bowl

pokemon fish tank idea
A Charmeleon Fish Tank Idea

Although Charmeleon isn’t one of the most popular Pokémon, its bright orange color contrasts beautifully with green plants, making it stand out in aquariums.

This setup would work well as a decorative bowl without any live stock, thanks to the vibrant color contrasts. However, adding live plants makes it more suitable for keeping colorful shrimp.

For the background plants, I would suggest using Cryptocoryne Wendtii. Staurogyne Repens would work well along the left side of the tank.

Monte Carlo could be an excellent choice for the carpet, though it will be challenging to grow in such a small space without CO2 or adequate lighting.

Using broken Seriyu Stone for the rocks in the tank can add a nice touch, but be aware that it can increase the pH of your tank water.

A Jolteon Aquarium

pokemon fish tank idea
A Jolteon Fish Tank Idea

Jolteon and the other Eeveelutions have always been popular Pokémon, and their bright colors can create a striking Pokémon-themed aquarium.

This is a simple and beginner-friendly aquarium setup that should work well for most people.

As expected, I would recommend using live plants for this setup, although fake plants might work in certain situations.

Hygrophila Polysperma would be a great choice for the plant in the back right of the tank, while Rotala Rotundifolia would work well in the back left.

For detailing on the rocks in the bottom right of the tank, you could use some Java Moss. Other than that, the setup is straightforward and ready to go.

An Espeon Nano Tank

pokemon fish tank idea
An Espeon Fish Tank Idea

Espeon is another beloved Eeveelution, and like Gengar, its bright purple color makes it stand out in certain tank setups.

This aquarium setup is a bit more challenging than most others featured in this article, but it can still be successful for many.

For the background plant, I would recommend using Hygrophila Polysperma directly behind Espeon.

A small amount of Eleocharis Acicularis works well as the hair grass in front of the Hygrophila Polysperma, although Eleocharis Pusilla is also a good alternative.

Cryptocoryne Parva would be ideal for the small plant directly in front of Espeon, but other small crypts could also work.

Depending on your setup, Monte Carlo might work as the carpeting plant, but I would lean more towards some type of low-growing moss to keep maintenance as easy as possible.

A Flareon Aquarium

pokemon fish tank idea
A Flareon Fish Tank Idea

Flareon is another popular Eeveelution, and its bright orange color makes the Pokemon figure stand out in planted tanks.

For the background, a combination of Hygrophila Polysperma and Limnophila Sessiliflora can work well, providing natural filtration and hiding spots for your fish.

You could place a Marimo Moss Ball at the front left of the tank to achieve a circular appearance, but personally, I don’t prefer them in my tanks.

Cryptocoryne Parva is a good choice for the smaller plants in the foreground, though small amounts of moss can also work well.

Overall, this is a straightforward tank setup, especially if you use the Walstad method, making it highly recommended for beginners.

A Leafeon Fish Tank

pokemon fish tank idea
A Leafeon Fish Tank Idea

Leafeon is the final Eeveelution featured in this article, and its leaf-type Pokemon look is perfect for a planted tank.

For live plants, I recommend using Microsorum Pteropus Trident for the leafy plant in the back left, as it’s a smaller variant of Java Fern.

A single stem of Limnophila Sessiliflora would work well as the green stem plant in the back right, with a micro Java Fern in front of it.

For the midground plant to the left of the Leafeon figure, Staurogyne Repens is a great choice, while Monte Carlo can be used for the carpeting plant.

A Pikachu Shrimp Jar

pokemon fish tank idea
A Pikachiu Fish Tank Idea

This charming little Pokemon shrimp jar is surprisingly easy to create.

A few stems of Rotala Orange Juice are perfect for the taller plants around the jar, while basic moss works well on the driftwood.

A small piece of bogwood is ideal for the driftwood, making it both affordable and easy to find.

Once the jar is cycled and the Rotala Orange Juice has grown in to help purify the water, a small number of cherry shrimp would thrive in this setup.

A Wartortle Shrimp Jar

pokemon fish tank idea
A Wartortle Fish Tank Idea

The last featured Pokemon tank is this Wartortle shrimp jar. Honestly, it looks perfect just as it is with the fake plants, creating a beautiful display.

I would likely stick to the fake plants theme and keep it as a decoration without adding any live stock.